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Open and User Innovation

The Brown Bag Research Seminar on Innovation

The Chair of Strategic Management and Innovation invites to the "Brown Bag Research Seminar on Innovation". This series invites researchers from MTEC and other universities to present recent work or working papers. The intention behind the series is to accelerate exchange and learning.

The topics of the past brown bags

Schedule and Location

Forecast of Upcoming Speakers

Tina Ambos (Sussex), Oct 15 2014
Xavier Castaner (HEC Lausanne), Nov 10 2014
Dan Raff (Wharton), Mar 11 2015
Dovev Lavie (Technion), Apr 8 2015
Dean Shepherd (Indiana), May 13 2015
Ann Majchrzak (USC), May 22 2015
Holger Patzelt (TUM), June 24 2015

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Master Thesis at SMI

If you are interested in being tutored and writing your master thesis at SMI, please contact our Master Thesis coordinator.

The block course on open and user innovation is offered as an elective course at MTEC and extends courses on knowledge management and innovation as well as marketing. The students are introduced to the concept of open innovation as well as the long-standing tradition of actively involving users of technology and other knowledge-intensive products in the development and production process. Through own cases they develop an entrepreneurial understanding of product development under distributed, user-centered, or open innovation strategies. Theoretical underpinnings taught in the course include models of innovation and the structuration of technology.

OUI modules_HS2013
OUI modules_HS2013

The course includes both lectures and exercises alternately. The goal is to understand the opportunity of open and user innovation for management and develop strategies to harness the value of ideas and contributions coming outside of firms' and other organizations' boundaries.

The students actively participate in discussions during the lectures and contribute presentations of case studies during the exercises. The combination should allow to compare theory with practical cases from various industries.

The course presents and builds upon recent research and challenges the students to devise innovation strategies that take into account the availability of user expertise, free and public knowledge, and the interaction with communities that span beyond one organization.

Grading is based on the final exam, the class presentations as well as class participation. This page contains general information about the course including the lecture slides and presentations from last year's course. The slides for present semester course and reading assignments will be uploaded soon.


Lecturers: Prof. Dr. Stefan Haefliger and Prof. Dr. Sebastian Spaeth
Assistant: Yash Raj Shrestha

Introduction: 18. September, 16-18:00 (ML F 40)
Module I: 26. November, 9-17:00 (HG E 23)
Module II: 27. November, 9-17:00 (HG E 23)
Module III: 28. November, 9-17:00 (HG E 23)


18.09.2014 Introduction

How to get the 3 credit points (the same for all students)

Reading assignments (sorted by priority):

To access the journal articles listed below, you have to be within the ETH domain.

Course Moodle

A Moodle for the course where you will be able to access all the course slides, communicate with other students and form groups for the presentation is active now. Please write to if you are interested to participate in the course and need the password for the moodle link.


The 2012 lectures can be found at the Multimedia Portal. Reasons why certain lectures do not appear include intellectual property issues (since all podcasts are creative commons licensed and we sometimes use sensitive company data to illustrate teachings) and technological failure in the hands of the user (=lecturer).

Student presentations from 2010- 2013 (selected examples)

Gilgen, Nick and Looser: Splitboards

Grob and Schmid: Gimbal systems

Dalsgaard: Playboating

Münger, Huynh and Krishnakumar: Snowboard

Favre-Bully: WordPress

Ebneter and Studer: Zoybar

Tata, Eigenmann and Davidson: 3D printing

Müller, Schmitt and Hobi: Kitesurfing

Kakirde: Liter of light

Solomon: Boosted boards

Soltamova, Papatheologos and Pincet: Local motors

Keidel, Eichenhofer and Müller: Multicopters

Paurat and Gunde Panga: Facebook

Gonzalez: P&G Connect + Develop

Kasics, Schnellmann and Flury: Coffee roaster

Riechert, Starmans and D’Aliessi: Xbox Kinect

Ehrle and Engler: The ''Jugaad'' way: The Mitti Cool Refrigerator

Cavelti, Näf and Yanes: GoProCamera

Duran Fernandez and Sinn: Counter-Strike

Stark: Arduino (handout)

Lüthi, Marfurt and Sprock: Multitouch screens

Mehta: WebVideo

Grancini and Savini: Lego

Andronikakis and Öznur: Android

Baschnagel and Haller: 2.4 GHz Transceiver Systems


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