Fall 2014

Number Unit Lecturer
351-0555-00L Open- and User Innovation  S. Häfliger, S. Spaeth
363-0392-00L Strategic Management  G. von Krogh
363-1028-00L Entrepreneurial Leadership   C. P. Siegenthaler, P. Baschera, S. Brusoni, V. Hoffmann, G. von Krogh
363-0887-00L Basics of Scientific Work  F. He
363-0393-00L Corporate Strategy  S. Ben-Menahem
364-0553-00L Innovation in the Digital Space   G. von Krogh

Spring 2014

Number Unit Lecturer
351-0778-00L Discovering Management  P. Baschera, S. Brusoni, E. Fleisch, P. Frauenfelder, G. Grote, V. Hoffmann, P. Schönsleben, D. Sornette, J. Sturm, G. von Krogh, F. von Wangenheim
363-0392-00L Strategic Management  S. Herting
363-0404-00L Industry and Competitive Analysis  F. He
363-0887-00L Basics of Scientific Work  Z. Erden Özkol
364-0406-00L Publishing in Management, Technology and Innovation  G. von Krogh

Courses at SMI

Strategic Management

This course conveys concepts and methods in strategic management, with a focus on competitive strategy. Competitive strategy aims at analyzing and establishing position of firms within an industry, securing firm performance.

Corporate Strategy

The course Corporate Strategy focuses on the scope and diversity of a firm's activities. During the course, students will learn in what ways companies can organize and plan their business. Topics covered include: internationalization strategies, growth strategies, organizational design, alliances, and mergers & acquisitions. Having participated in the course Strategic Management by Prof. Georg von Krogh/Dr. Erden is an advantage but not a requirement.

Industry and Competitive Analysis

The course is organized as a combination of lectures and tutored group work involving the selection and analysis of industries, analysis and development of strategies for selected competitors, and presentation of results.

Basics of Scientific Work

This course teaches students about the basic principles of scientific work in the field of social sciences.
The course is mandatory for students (MSc. and MAS) who write their Master Thesis at the Chair of Strategic Management and Innovation – those will be served first.

Open and User Innovation

The course on open and user innovation is an elective course at MTEC and extends courses on knowledge management and innovation.

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